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Scuba Diving & More
in French Polynesia
Buy Diving Tickets

Diving Tickets
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    Just to buy scuba diving tickets valid 1 year in 28 diving centers in 16 islands. There is no date, you contact yourself the diving centers to plan your venues and secure your diving dates.
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28 diving centers
in 16 islands
Book Dives and+

Scuba Diving and+
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    To book your dives (and+), at your chosen dates & timeslots. We verify availbility and you receive a firm confirmation for your dates.
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28 diving centers
in 16 islands
Search Diving Offers

Scuba Diving Offers
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    Some combined offers with scuba diving and something else, like diving & lodging, or special offers valid all year or limited in time.
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Scuba diving
combined offers
Search Articles

Scuba Diving Shop
  • Description
    A serie of articles linked to scuba diving.
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Scuba diving Shop
Search Extras

What's around the diving centers
  • Description
    Simple contact forms to see lodging, food & activities around the 28 diving centers in 16 islands.
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Beyond diving
lodging, food & activities
Your Diving Trips

Your diving trips
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    For all your customized needs or requests. We arrange your diving trips with the best places to dive and stay, and the best activities around.
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Scuba Diving
Travel Agency
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For each booking additional information is required to validate bookings in the diving centers in the islands.
It is not needed only if you already reside on site and come on your own to appointments, or if your booking contains already flight tickets and accommodation (like some offers), or if you only buy diving tickets.

Except if you already reside on site,

it is required to know

when you will be in the islands!

Please indicate for each island: your arrival AND departure dates
and (if applicable) your flight numbers with times

please write it in the text field below

Except if you come on your own to appointments,

it is required to know

to pickup you up (when applicable)!

Please indicate for each island: your accommodation

please write it in the text field below

And if your initial requested is not possible

Are your requested dates


Please indicate: the other alternatives dates we can book instead

please write it in the text field below
Text field to write your information or comments:

Please accept the Terms of Service to proceed

Scuba diving, Snorkeling & others activities... booking a-la-carte & across-islands in French Polynesia.
French Polynesia


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