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Particular attention is given to respect for copyrights and especially photographers. The eDivingPass site contains a very large number of photos, most of which were provided by the dive centers themselves. Diving centers did not necessarily identify all the authors or we could forget names. Please contact us directly if you are a photographer and author of photos that are on the site and you do not want them listed, or your name is not listed in the acknowledgments below.


In alphabetical order, courtesy of
A Avare
Antoine Macri
Arnauld Demier
Bernard Beaussier
Bernard Tora
Chris K
Christian Coulombe @ Smartshot
Christophe Boulay
Delphine Le Pogam
Farid Sedira
Franck Nano
Frédéric Pons @ Scubeyes
Paul Cangemini @ Underwater Photography
Perrine Adolphe & Gilles Diraimondo
Gaël Lagarrigue
Greg.F Underwater photography
Humu Kaimuko
Julien Durie
Manuela Kirschner
Marc Brisset
Marc Hillesheim
Maxime Rouanet
Michel Bègue
Pauline Vaimiti Dufour
Philippe Bernier
Sané Richmond
Serge Mathe
Sylvain Girardot
Yves Gladu
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