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Thank to the Pass, you can access the most beautiful dives in French Polynesia through 25 diving centers on 15 islands!

Buy or offer some dream dives with ease in few clicks. Your dive tickets are undated and valid for one year. Book yourself your dives in each center (depending on availability), you can choose between 25 clubs. Good discovery with the Pass of eDivingPass. Enjoy!

Blue Way - Dive Spirit Fakarava - Diveasy - Enata Fakarava Diving - Fluid Tahiti - HemisphereSub Raiatea - Ia Ora Diving - Kaina Plongée - Mahana Dive - Marquises Diving - Maupiti Diving - Moorea Blue Diving - Moorea Underwater Eperience - Raie Manta Club Tikehau - Rangiroa Diving Center - Scubapiti Moorea - ScubaTek Tahiti - Tahaa Diving - Tahiti Nui Diving - Tek Dive Experience - Tetamanu Diving - The 6 Passengers - Tikehau Plongée - Tubuai Plongée - Yaka Plongée
  • The 6 Passengers | eDivingPass
  • Dive Spirit Fakarava | eDivingPass
  • Enata Fakarava Diving | eDivingPass
  • Hemisphere­Sub Raiatea | eDivingPass
  • Rangiroa Diving Center | eDivingPass
  • Scubapiti Moorea | eDivingPass
  • ScubaTek Tahiti | eDivingPass
  • Tetamanu Diving | eDivingPass
  • Tikehau Plongée | eDivingPass
  • Marquises Diving | eDivingPass
  • Mahana Dive | eDivingPass
  • Ia Ora Diving | eDivingPass
  • Kaina Plongée | eDivingPass
  • Blue Way Manihi | eDivingPass
  • Raie Manta Club Tikehau | eDivingPass
  • Tek Dive Experience | eDivingPass
  • Tahaa Diving | eDivingPass
  • Tahiti Nui Diving | eDivingPass
  • Diveasy Bora-Bora | eDivingPass
  • Maupiti Diving | eDivingPass
  • Tubuai Plongée | eDivingPass
  • Fluid Tahiti | eDivingPass
  • Moorea Blue Diving | eDivingPass
  • Yaka Plongée | eDivingPass
  • Moorea Underwater Experience | eDivingPass

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25 Diving Centers in 15 Islands

Blue Way Manihi

Blue Way Manihi | eDivingPass
Blue Way, dive center and dive lodge. A diving center and accommodation dedicated to divers in Manihi. Tiram and Bernard will share their passion for your pleasure and will take care of your comfort and your safety. Dives known as "the taversière" or "les roses" will leave you unforgettable memories ...

Dive Spirit Fakarava

Dive Spirit Fakarava | eDivingPass

Dive Spirit Fakarava is a diving center located in Fakarava in Tuamotu, based in North, desserving daily the South and occasionnaly Toau. Open 7/7 days all year. 

Scuba Diving in a UNESCO BIOSPHERE RESERVE! You can dive everyday the both north & south passes (channels) which are part of the TOP 5 WORLDWIDE DIVING SPOTS! With Dive Spirit Fakarava you can dive eveyday in theses 2 passes.

Diveasy Bora-Bora

Diveasy Bora-Bora | eDivingPass
Diveasy organises your personalized Fun dives in Bora Bora. We will pick you up directly by boat at your location, with the equipment ready onboard. Our diving sites are located inside as well as outside the lagoon, allowing you to meet a large variety of sea life.

Enata Fakarava Diving

Enata Fakarava Diving | eDivingPass

Enata Fakarava Diving is a diving center located in Fakarava (South) in Tuamotu, directly on the beach of the pension Raimiti. Open 7/7 days all year.
Scuba Diving in an UNESCO Biosphere Reserve! The dives spots at the South Pass of Tetamanu, called Tumakohua, are located about 20 minutes by boat from Enata Fakarava Diving.

Fluid Tahiti

Fluid Tahiti | eDivingPass
Located in Tahiti, but also organizing some diving cruises in Tetiaroa, Fluid Tahiti is a diving club open 7 days a week. Our dive center welcomes you in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Installed facing the pontoon, our boats are moored a few steps away and your equipment already loaded. You just have to jump on board and rig your gear before you let yourself go.

Hemisphere­Sub Raiatea

Hemisphere­Sub Raiatea | eDivingPass
HemisphereSub Raiatea is a diving center located in Raiatea-Tahaa, between Bora Bora and Huahine. Open 7/7 days all year.
Raiatea and Tahaa are two islands which are still preserved from mass tourism share the same lagoon: Raiatea The Sacred Island and Tahaa The Vanilla Island. There are variety of dives sites: drift diving, at anchor or from the pontoon.

Ia Ora Diving

Ia Ora Diving | eDivingPass
Ia Ora Diving is located in the Sofitel Moorea, 5 minutes from the ferry dock, on the edge of white sand beach, overlooking Tahiti.

Kaina Plongée

Kaina Plongée | eDivingPass
Kaina plongée is a small convivial family operation catering for a maximum of 8 divers. Vincent BEES 1er and PADI instructor is been diving since 2001 in Fakarava.The club is open every day of the year. We will welcome you and take of you as you discover the magnificent marine life that abounds around the atolls of Fakarava and Toau. It is truly a privileged environment to dive in, experience and enjoy.

Mahana Dive

Mahana Dive | eDivingPass
More than just a Scuba Diving Club. “Mahana Dive has existed since 2002 and I still have the same desire to communicate to others what the sea brings us. The world is moving too fast, let us find a little calm and harmony. My encounter with Yoga was decisive. It is this spirit of simplicity, exchange and joy that I try to share when you come to my centre. Oh, nothing complicated, nothing crazy, no panic. Water simply promotes exchange and genuine communication. Let’s make the most of it.

Marquises Diving

Marquises Diving | eDivingPass

Scuba Diving with Marquises Diving.

Islands and atolls such as Tahiti, Rangiroa, Fakarava, Hiva Oa, are full of incomparable diving spots that will please all divers, from the amateur to the professional. The archipelago of the Marquesas Islands is a true underwater sanctuary, recognized thanks to the oceanographic mission Pakaihi I Te Moana, which explored the fabulous marine natural heritage of the archipelago, presumed exceptional and still poorly known.

Maupiti Diving

Maupiti Diving | eDivingPass
Diving in Maupiti. Maupiti Diving, the unique Maupiti diving club allows you to discover the most beautiful coral reefs of the French Polynesia's Leeward Islands, in small friendly palanquées.

Moorea Blue Diving

Moorea Blue Diving | eDivingPass
Located within Hotel Manava Beach Resort & Spa, Moorea Blue Diving proposes to make you discover the diving spots of the "Magic Island". In the vicinity of Maharepa, the island's tourism center, the club welcomes you in a comfortable and air conditioned setting with restrooms and showers. Free pick-up (between Vaianae and Hilton Hotel).

Moorea Underwater Experience

Moorea Underwater Experience | eDivingPass
Moorea Underwater Experience

Raie Manta Club Tikehau

Raie Manta Club Tikehau | eDivingPass
Tikehau island is 20 min away from Rangiroa by plane, and about 50 min from Papeete. An atoll of untamed charm, it encircles a lagoon 26 kilometers wide, and opens up to the ocean through the Tuheiava pass. When Cousteau and his team assessed the biological diversity of the Polynesian atolls in 1987, the Tikehau lagoon was found to be richest in fish species of the lower atolls. Yves Lefèvre created the Raie Manta Club in 1993. Today the club is open everyday of the year.

Rangiroa Diving Center

Rangiroa Diving Center | eDivingPass
Rangiroa Diving Center is a diving center located in Ohotu in Rangiroa, directly close to the Tiputa Pass. Open 7/7 days all year.
Swim with dolphins and dive safely in the middle of an exceptional fauna in the warm, clear waters of the Tuamotu. Fun dives, Rebreather & Snorkeling with Dolphins

ScubaTek Tahiti

ScubaTek Tahiti | eDivingPass
Scubatek Tahiti is a diving club located in Arue in Tahiti. Open 7/7 days all year.
The Scubatek Tahiti diving club will share with you and allow you to discover the passion of scuba diving. Underwater diving has always been a passion for us, which has been our professional activity for more than 20 years.

Scubapiti Moorea

Scubapiti Moorea | eDivingPass
Scubapiti Moorea is a diving center located in Haapiti in Moorea, directly on the beach of the hotel Les Tipaniers. Open 7/7 days all year.
Henri, the owner, a Polynesian child born in Moorea, state graduate diving instructor, will lead you to discover the most beautiful dive sites on his island. Henri will make you share magic moments with humpback whales during the breeding season.

Tahaa Diving

Tahaa Diving | eDivingPass
Taha'a Diving is located in the bay of Hurepiti, in front of the pass of Pai Pai. The center has a quick access to the outer reef of the west coast of Tahaa often sheltered from the east wind. Taha'a Diving offers its customers a wide range of activities such as diving, combined outings, baptisms, initiation to apnea, snorkeling or training CMAS / FFESSM / PADI, as many opportunities to enjoy an exceptional and little frequented.

Tahiti Nui Diving

Tahiti Nui Diving | eDivingPass
Tahiti Nui Diving a new diving center placed in the heart of the hotel Manava Suite resort Tahiti opens its doors. Open 7/7.

Tek Dive Experience

Tek Dive Experience | eDivingPass
Tek Dive Experience a Diving Center in Fare Ute in Tahiti. Open all year, we offer 2 diving slots (8:00 and 14:00). Come dive into a small committee, in a good atmosphere, to discover the magnificent dive sites of Tahiti (from the East Coast to the West Coast).

Tetamanu Diving

Tetamanu Diving | eDivingPass
Find the diver’s paradise with Tetamanu Diving Center, located inside the hostel. All dive equipment is furnished and a dive instructor who is state certified BEES 1 will ensure your safety.

The diver’s paradise in an Unesco Biosphere Reserve! The Tetamanu pass is well known for its wall of 500 sharks and the wealth of its wildlife yet well preserved.

The 6 Passengers

The 6 Passengers | eDivingPass
The 6 Passengers diving center is located in Rangiroa in French Polynesia, near the Kia Ora village hotel on the beach of Ohutu Bay. Open 7/7 days all year. The center features a Polynesian style hut well integrated in its environment. Diving passion since 15 years!

Tikehau Plongée

Tikehau Plongée | eDivingPass
Tuamotu and Tikehau, in particular are a destination dreamed for the divers: manta rays, sharks (Big Hammer, Grey, aileron white with the cliff etc.) Barracuda, Tuna. All the team of Tikehau Plongée waits you to share with you their passion for the dive and the funds(collections) of Tikehau " the most full of fish atoll of the world ". According to Cdt Y J-Y COUSTEAU.

Tubuai Plongée

Tubuai Plongée | eDivingPass
Tubuai diving is a center that was established recently in the Austral Islands of French Polynesia. The only permanent club of the archipelago, it offers various formulas adapted to all to discover the aquatic environment.

Yaka Plongée

Yaka Plongée | eDivingPass
YAKA Plongée Rangiroa... Ever lasting dives! Welcome. Our approach is based upon "fun diving", safety, and most of all discovery of Rangiroa incredible underwater life. We invite you to stunning encounters: dolphins, rays, turtles and lots of shark species living in the beautiful waters of French Polynesia. YAKA PLONGEE is a human-sized structure, friendly, animated by experienced professionals to dive in peace and take the time to share these moments of exceptions with other divers.

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Please, realize you have to book your dives yourself separately and directely with each Diving Centers. And the tickets are not reimbursable, even if there is no availability to dive the date you are requesting. If you are not sure to use your tickets then better use the eDivingPass BOOKING which allows you to book your dives and to receive a confirmation of availabilities per email before being charged.
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Discover what's around the best diving centers in French Polynesia. Some suggestions of Lodging, Food & Activities.
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