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in 26 Diving Centers
15 Islands in French Polynesia
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1 Pass per person
eDivingPass - Multi-Islands Diving Pass
Quick & easy!
Just 3 steps, 1 single payment and zero paper
1) Enter Pass Owner info
2) Enter requested Quantity of tickets on the Diving Centers you want to dive
3) Click on Buy Now & Checkout
Your tickets are in your mailbox
It's so simple! Every Diving Pass contains all the tickets you have purchased. Each ticket consists of a code and a password, and you simply have to communicate them to the Diving Center to use it.
What are the prices?
A-la-carte rates and absolute flexibility
Discounted rates by center
The prices are calculated precisely based on individual and reduced rates of each diving center.
Free quantity
You have absolute flexibility with the number of dive you want, and where you want it.
Multi-centers discounts
The more tickets you take at different diving centers, the lower the total price!
Rates calculated according to the amount of diving, the chosen centers, and the number of centers.

Multi-Islands Diving Pass (Diving Tickets)

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Pass owner Information
(The pass is nominative)
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As a Polynesian Resident, some diving center might apply a resident price on some services, the charge on your credit card will be adjusted after the proof of residence has been verified.
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Quantity of tickets
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Resident must provide a proof of residence
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Total number of tickets {{ totalQuantity }}
* Please note that this diving center does not apply resident price on the pass
Scuba diving, Snorkeling & others activities... booking a-la-carte & across-islands in French Polynesia.
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