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Some offers which are limited in time. The offers are proposed on defined dates. We recommend you to also use the filters (icon loop) to select some criterias.
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Dive Spirit Fakarava - Pack 4 Dives North + 2 South - & 1 Meal, 1-10 persons - 7-11 December 2019 | Limited Offers | eDivingPass

Dive Spirit Fakarava
Pack 4 Dives North + 2 South
& 1 Meal, 1-10 persons
7-11 December 2019

Fakarava North
Fakarava South
Dive Spirit Fakarava
From486,04 €
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Look at the Scuba Diving Packs proposed by some diving centers. Some Packs are valid in multiple diving centers all year. The prices are even more attrative than individual bookings.

Plan your diving trips at the best moment. Benefit from special offers limited in time including an accomodation, meals and dives. All is included at the best market price.

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