How to Book
(Permanent Offers)

valid all year

Book Permanent Offers

Valid all year
Each Permanent Offer is valid all year with some combined services and options - Once checked-out, the availabilities for your (permanent) offers are controlled to ensure 100% firm confirmation and you are charged only when they are validated.

Quick & easy!

Just 4 steps, 1 single payment and zero paper
1) Select the desired Options (if applicable)
2) Select the desired Start Date
3) Enter the requested Persons information
4) Click on Book Now, complete information & Checkout

Availability Control & firm confirmation!
Your permanent offer request is submitted and the receipt is in your mailbox
We proceed to availability control of the providers (maximum 24-48h).

Your credit card is not charged yet
The confirmation of your permanent offer is in your mailbox.

Your credit card is charged
It's so simple! Each Permanent Offer is valid all year with some combined services and options. They are controlled to ensure 100% firm confirmation.

What are the prices?

Flexible price per permanent offer


A permanent offer can be proposed with options and for a fixed or variable number of people, dives and days.

No time limit

A permanent offer is offered all year long, you chose your start date.

Services & Options

A permanent offer is offered with pre-defined services included and optional services.
Rates for permanent offers are calculated based on the duration of the service, the numer of persons, the amount of diving and other services included or as options, and the service providers involved. Permanent offers are non-refundable.
Scuba diving, Snorkeling & others activities... booking a-la-carte & across-islands in French Polynesia.
French Polynesia


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