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Scuba Diving & More
in French Polynesia
Buy Diving Tickets

Diving Tickets
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    Just to buy scuba diving tickets valid 1 year in 28 diving centers in 16 islands. There is no date, you contact yourself the diving centers to plan your venues and secure your diving dates.
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28 diving centers
in 16 islands
Book Dives and+

Scuba Diving and+
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    To book your dives (and+), at your chosen dates & timeslots. We verify availbility and you receive a firm confirmation for your dates.
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28 diving centers
in 16 islands
Search Diving Offers

Scuba Diving Offers
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    Some combined offers with scuba diving and something else, like diving & lodging, or special offers valid all year or limited in time.
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Scuba diving
combined offers
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Scuba Diving Shop
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    A serie of articles linked to scuba diving.
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Scuba diving Shop
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What's around the diving centers
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    Simple contact forms to see lodging, food & activities around the 28 diving centers in 16 islands.
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Beyond diving
lodging, food & activities
Your Diving Trips

Your diving trips
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    For all your customized needs or requests. We arrange your diving trips with the best places to dive and stay, and the best activities around.
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Scuba Diving
Travel Agency

How To

eDivingPass - How to
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Multi-Islands Diving Tickets

Buy Multi-Islands Diving Tickets

Open date diving tickets valid 1 year & you book yourself separately. Usage depends on Diving Centers availabilities.
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edp booking

Book your Scuba Dives & more

You chose your dates & time - Once availabilities are controlled, payment occurs and your places are guaranteed.
eDivingPass - How to - Booking
edp offers valid all year
Combos - Offers - valid all year

Book Permanent Offers

You chose your dates - Once availabilities are controlled, payment occurs & your places are guaranteed.
eDivingPass - How to - Offers - valid all year
edp offers limited in time
Combos - Offers - limited in time

Buy Limited Offers

The dates, time & price are fixed - Once paid your places are immediately guaranteed.
eDivingPass - How to - Offers - Limited in Time
Scuba diving, Snorkeling & others activities... booking a-la-carte & across-islands in French Polynesia.
French Polynesia


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