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Scuba Diving & More
in French Polynesia
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Diving Tickets
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    Just to buy scuba diving tickets valid 1 year in 28 diving centers in 16 islands. There is no date, you contact yourself the diving centers to plan your venues and secure your diving dates.
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28 diving centers
in 16 islands
Book Dives and+

Scuba Diving and+
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    To book your dives (and+), at your chosen dates & timeslots. We verify availbility and you receive a firm confirmation for your dates.
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28 diving centers
in 16 islands
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Scuba Diving Offers
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    Some combined offers with scuba diving and something else, like diving & lodging, or special offers valid all year or limited in time.
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Scuba diving
combined offers
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Scuba Diving Shop
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    A serie of articles linked to scuba diving.
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Scuba diving Shop
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What's around the diving centers
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    Simple contact forms to see lodging, food & activities around the 28 diving centers in 16 islands.
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Beyond diving
lodging, food & activities
Your Diving Trips

Your diving trips
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    For all your customized needs or requests. We arrange your diving trips with the best places to dive and stay, and the best activities around.
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Scuba Diving
Travel Agency

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions



eDivingPass - FAQ
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How to book or buy?
See the guide in the section How to book or buy.

BOOKING: You select an activity, fill in the information and add it to your cart. You redo it as many times as necessary. You confirm your final order and you wait for the confirmation by email.

BOOK PERMANENT OFFERS (VALID ALL YEAR): You select an offer, fill in the information and add it to your cart. You redo it as many times as necessary. You confirm your final order and you wait for the confirmation by email.

BUY LIMITED OFFERS (LIMITED IN TIME): These offers are for direct purchase. In this case, dates, time slots and rates are predefined, and all you have to do is fill in the requested information and validate the payment. The confirmation is then immediate.

BUY MULTI-ISLAND DIVING TICKETS (eTICKETS): The Tickets are per person and for direct purchase. In this case, there is no date or time slots and rates are predefined. All you have to do is fill in the requested information and validate the payment. The confirmation is then immediate.
How many people, dives & days can be booked?
You can book 1 as many people and dives or activities from the diving centers as you want. You can even choose which people will participate in which activities independently. And you can book as many time slots and days as you want. And all this in 1 reservation!

Example a couple with a teenager, all 3 divers, and a non-diving friend: you can reserve a diving time slot for the gentleman, another for the lady and another one for the 2, and even another one for everyone the 3 with the teenager! And, ... why not add a snorkeling tour to 4 with the non-diving friend. And all this in just 1 booking!
The accepted payment methods?
Payments can be made by credit cards via secure payment systems such as SIX Payments and Datatrans.
Under certain conditions and only upon request, payments can be made by bank transfers. In this case the reservations are not fully automated and a surcharge applies for manual processing.
The conditions of purchase and cancellation?
All conditions are specified in the general conditions of sale. If specific conditions apply to a product or service, they are stipulated at the time of payment.

See an important extract:
In case of partial or total cancellation during customer stays, no credit or refund is issued by eDivingPass, except on presentation of a medical certificate issued by a doctor in exercise at the latest within 3 days of cancellation .

You can read all the terms and conditions of sale by clicking on the link below.
Order confirmation and final confirmation?
The remoteness of the islands and the mediocrity of the Internet connections in French Polynesia do not allow, realistically and reliably, to synchronize in real time the availability calendars of all diving centers.

Thus a delay of 24-48 hours is necessary to ensure that your booking is possible and that the diving centers or the providers have availabilities and can take into account your request.

Once you have completed your order and entered your billing information and validated the payment, your credit card is still not charged. You are informed by email that your request is taken into account and that a request for confirmation has been sent to the concerned diving centers or providers.

If all diving centers and all providers confirm availability then your booking is definitely confirmed and your card is charged. You will receive your final confirmation and your vouchers.

Otherwise, if some diving centers or providers do not have the required availability, then your order is confirmed excluding the centers and providers without availability, and you are informed by email.

Note that the limited offers and the Diving Tickets are predefined and the confirmation delay does not apply. For these the confirmation is done instantly after the payment.
The medical certificate and/or the medical questionnaire?
Divers are accustomed to the subject.

The law says that diving centers can take dive clients who have presented a medical certificate of non-contraindication to the practice of scuba diving done by a practicing general practitioner and dating back less than 3 months (to time of the dive).

So if you want to be totally quite, get this sesame and keep this medical certificate with you during your trip! Especially since most of the remote islands of French Polynesia have the most beautiful diving sites in the world but do not have a doctor!

Unfortunately, this medical certificate is not always with you, and it can be very annoying to be refused to dive - when you have already paid for everything - just because of this missing document. In this case the diving centers appreciate that you present at least a medical questionnaire completed and signed on honor.

You can download this questionnaire by clicking on the link below.
Proof of residence in French Polynesia?
Some Diving Centers accept to allow a discount for some services to the permanent resident of French Polynesia. eDivingPass is not involved into this decision which belongs to each Diving Center.

As a proof of residence you can upload a scan of any french polynesian' invoice containing your first name, name and post address. This invoice has to be issued from french polynesian companies like OPT, EDT, VINI, CPS and has to be less than 3 months old.

A proof of residence is required per person. In case of persons all from the same family (direct parents) you have to upload 1 document per person even if it is the same one.

At the order the resident price is charged, and (if not already uploaded) a proof of residence will have to be given to the diving centers on site.

If the resident price is directly applied at the order, the order will be definitive and accepted only once the proof of residence is presented to the diving centers. If it is not the case then the order is cancelled without refund.
How to book a diving center not listed?
Just let us know by using the eDivingPass contact form, by clicking on the link below.
Can Travel Agencies book for their customers?
Yes, travel agencies can book for their customers but they must ask us for written permission in advance and sign a contract with eDivingPass.
Please make your request using the eDivingPass contact form, by clicking on the link below.
eDivingPass - Answers
Scuba diving, Snorkeling & others activities... booking a-la-carte & across-islands in French Polynesia.
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